Western Basin Port Development

Disposal project

Expansion of Fisherman's Landing

An area of 274 hectares north of Fisherman's Landing will be reclaimed to provide access to the Western Basin and to deposit dredge spoil.

Progress on the filling of the reclamation area - June 2012

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The expansion began with the creation of a 8.8km perimeter, called the bund wall. The bund wall was built by Abigroup using rock materials from Guerassimoff Road quarry. The construction of the bund wall was completed in October 2011.

The bund wall is built to +7.0 metres above the Lowest Astronomical Tide, making it up to 8 metres above the sea bed and up to 44 meters wide at the base. The bund wall is constructed using a core material made up of rock up to 200-300mm in size and is protected from the impacts of tides and waves by larger 'armour' rock, which is placed to the outside of the bund. The inner side of the bund wall is lined with a geotextile designed to prevent fine sediment passing through the wall.

Bund wall reclaimation area diagram in Gladstone harbour

Once the bund wall was closed dredge materials of 70% water and 30% solids are pumped through sinker lines inside the wall to fill the reclamation zone. To date approximately 16,664,548 cubic metres has been deposited inside the reclamation zone.

The reclamation zone dries out as excess water passes back out into the harbour through the wetlands zone situated in the North West and the polishing pond in the north. The quality of the water entering the harbour is closely monitored.

Diagram of the bund wall reclaimation area at Fisherman's Landing in Gladstone

The installation of a new boat ramp and tree planting will be carried out as part of the project to rehabilitate the area.  We have a weather monitoring station on the north east bund wall that provides live weather data for project operations.

East Banks Sea disposal

During the WBDDP, dredge material was disposed at sea at a carefully selected offshore site that has been used for the disposal of maintenance dredge material over many years. The site was selected using a number of criteria in consultation with environmental experts and harbour users, such as commercial fishermen and recreational boat users. 

The East Banks site, like all project activities and operations is located outside the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Each time material was disposed at this site a record was taken of the volume, origin and the exact GPS disposal location. The disposal of dredge material to the East Banks disposal site from the WBDDP is currently closed.  4,427,079 cubic metres of dredge material has been deposited at this site.

Water Quality Monitoring

Dredging status - green light

Stage 1A of dredging complete

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