Western Basin Port Development


Gladstone Ports Corporation began the Western Basin Dredging and Disposal Project in May 2011 to remove 26 million cubic metres from the Gladstone Harbour.

The Western Basin dredging project will increase port access by deepening, widening and creating new shipping channels with depths of up to 13 metres to allow vessels to enter and exit the Western Basin. Vessel access will be required for each of the LNG companies that are based on Curtis Island to load and export Liquefied Natural Gas.

Over a period of two and a half years we will remove an estimated 26 million cubic metres of material for the LNG expansion.  A maximum of 46 million cubic metres will be dredged as part of future industry development in Gladstone, including the Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal.

So far approximately 21,091,664 cubic metres has been removed by dredging the Western Basin, which brings stage 1A to completion.

Al Mahaar dredge and pipeline moves along Curtis Island in December 2011

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Dredging operations

Read more about how dredging happens and get more information about the dredges currently working on the project.

Dredge locations

View the latest locations and exclusion zones for the dredges in the Gladstone Harbour.

Disposal project

Find out more about the disposal project, where we are depositing dredge spoil and how it is transported.

Testing and sampling

Find out what we do before we begin dredging a new area of the Western Basin.

Dredge plume modelling

As part of our turbidity management strategy we have modelled how sediment moves in the water.

Previous dredging events

Dredging is not new to the Western Basin. We have increased port access through dredging since the 1960s.

Water Quality Monitoring

Dredging status - green light

Stage 1A of dredging complete

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