Adelaide, the capital of South Australia and a city that’s widely known for festivals and sporting events. This city that’s home to many governmental and financial institutions has attracted a large number of residents which amount to 77% of Australians. However, there’re some people who may be considering to move to Adelaide but the question of “is Adelaide a good place to live?” is still bothering them.  Before buying a house in Adelaide, it is important to get a House Inspection.
Well, apart from this city being surrounded by beautiful landscapes and having a long beachfront, larger defense and manufacturing sectors, and world-class food and wines, Adelaide has other reasons why it’s an awesome place. Let’s briefly look at some of these appealing factors
(1). It’s very affordable to live there
Compared to other cities, the average rental price in Adelaide is lower. Also, the cost of living is considered to be much less expensive as compared to other major states. For instance, it is 21% and 23% less expensive than in Sydney and Melbourne respectively.
(2). The transport is very convenient
Many of the city transport services are free especially to students and this includes the buses. This means that you can enjoy and explore the city without worrying about your budget getting ruined. Additionally, it’s also bicycle friendly.
(3). Big opportunities lie in Adelaide
This city host very many companies and industries and therefore you can easily land a good job opportunity there.
(4). Other reasons include:
– You can get the best beaches in Australia just 20 minutes from the CBD of Adelaide
– It has world-class wineries
– Adelaide was not settled by convicts making it a safe place to live
– It’s a quiet city with only one busy month. That’s during March when there’re a lot of tourists due to festivals that are held in that month.
– This is the festival state and is full of cultural activities.
– The city environment is student friendly