HubSpot is one of the most popular marketing automation platforms for small and mid-sized businesses. It’s used to track leads, boost sales and profits, and increase website traffic. Hubspot makes it easy for online marketers to develop the best strategy for their business and implement it efficiently.

The concept behind Hubspot was to make online marketers’ lives more manageable. Many small businesses don’t have the budget for big-name marketing platforms, yet they need an easy way to track their progress and analyze which tactics are working best. The free version of HubSpot gives users access to everything they need right out of the gate, even allowing them to try powerful features like inbound marketing and live chat for free.

Hubspot integrates with several other platforms to create a customized marketing system that works best for your business. It comes equipped with tools that track social media, analyze data, manage contacts, measure conversions, and more. HubSpot also has an active blogging community where you can post yourself or subscribe to others using the platform to help other users.

The paid versions of Hubspot offer even more features that will increase productivity, profits, and customer satisfaction. These include:

-More storage for your website visitors’ contact info

-Automatic social media posting for Facebook and Twitter

-Lead scoring and tracking

-Built-in email marketing

-Integration with Google Analytics

-The ability to customize your website using HubSpot themes

To learn how these features work, you can attend a free webinar or talk to a member of the HubSpot team. You’ll also get access to special discounts for upgrading from the free version to one of their paid plans after reviewing all the extra features you will have access to.

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