Western Basin Port Development

Water Quality Monitoring

Water quality monitoring has been a part of Gladstone Ports Corporation's environment program since the 1990s.

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In preparation for the Western Basin dredging project, water quality monitoring began in Gladstone harbour in November 2009. Independent scientists from Vision Environment, University of Technology Sydney and Marine Ecology Group collect and analyse the water quality data.

There are 16 continuous turbidity monitoring sites - 11 in the Gladstone harbour, 4 offshore and 1 in Rodds Bay as well as 6 light based monitoring sites at Redcliff, Wiggins Island, Pelican Banks, Grahams Ck, Duffy Ck and Black Swan Is.

Data is collected to measure:

This data is given to the Dredge Technical Reference Panel as well as all the relevant State and Commonwealth Government departments.

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Latest water monitoring data

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This stage of the WBDDP is now complete. Monitoring of water quality will continue for two months post completion (until 30 November 2013) with seagrass monitoring continuing for five years. The daily water quality graphs have ceased being published but all water quality data for the remaining months will be made publicly available via our monthly water quality reports on the environmental reports webpage.

Water Quality Monitoring

Dredging status - green light

Stage 1A of dredging complete

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